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Extensis PageTools
Extensis PageTools 2.0 is a powerful set of productivity plug-ins for Adobe PageMaker, that make it work faster, easier and more efficiently than ever before.

Extensis PhotoFrame
Extensis PhotoFrame 2.0 is the elegant solution for creating professional-quality image frames and border effects in Adobe Photoshop.

Extensis PhotoTools
Extensis PhotoTools 3.0 is an outstanding collection of text-editing, button-building, shadow-casting Adobe Photoshop plug-ins available for print, multimedia or Web design.

Extensis Intellihance
Extensis Intellihance 4.0, a very powerful, affordable image enhancement filter available. It is the intelligent choice for Adobe Photoshop users.

Extensis Mask Pro
Extensis Mask Pro 2.0 is a powerful Adobe Photoshop plug-in that takes the pain out of creating image masks.

Extensis Portfolio
With new client/server capabilities, Portfolio 4.0 and Portfolio Server 4.0 combine to streamline management of digital assets.

Extensis Collect Pro
Preview graphics collection, add or delete items where necessary, compress via different methods, or segment the collection across multiple media.

Extensis PhotoGraphics
Extensis PhotoGraphics 1.0 puts your favorite illustration tools directly inside Photoshop by providing a full featured set of drawing and advanced text capabilities.


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