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 Meta Creations

2D Software

MetaCreations Painter™ 6 is the best version yet of the ultimate painting tool for graphic designers and fine artists alike. Painter's exclusive tool set offers an extensive array of brushes, textures, canvas choices, and art materials to faithfully capture the subtleties of an artist's style for high-quality output for print and the Web. The artist can now create their finest work using the next generation brush engine technology, with new features including text along a curve, layering of vector and bitmap images together, improved performance, better memory handling and an easier to use interface. Painter 6-the world's indisputable leader for image creation.
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3D Software

MetaCreations Painter 3D™ allows you transform your creative vision into beautiful 3D artwork by painting directly on your 3D models with Natural-Media® tools and effects. Simultaneously paint on multiple maps or attach a single map to multiple objects. Works directly with Ray Dream Studio and 3D Studio MAX™ or any 3D program that uses OBJ, DXF or 3DMF.
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kpt 6Kai's Power Tools 6 is the premier collection of plug-in applications for Adobe® Photoshop® and 100% compatible hosts. KPT® 5 includes 10 exciting, new plug-in tools, in addition to the original 18 KPT 3 filters. KPT 6's real-time 3D tools, particle growth effects, and professional blur suite will take your work to a new creative level, while enhancing productivity as you efficiently explore stunning creative options. Whether you are designing ads for Madison Avenue agencies, menus for a cool restaurant, Web sites for small business, or simply having fun, let KPT once again redefine what is possible.
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Bryce 4 is dedicated to designing, rendering and animating breathtaking natural 3D worlds and abstract 3D sculptures. Bryce is a perfect application for both beginners and advanced users because it is extremely easy to use and it comes loaded with libraries of presets to use in your own work. As you become more proficient, Bryce allows you to easily create your own surface materials, skies and more, while making the creative process every bit as entertaining as the final output.
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Poser 4 is a 3D-character animation and design tool for digital artists and animators. From a diverse collection of fully articulated, 3D human and animal models, and a library of settings and swappable clothing, users create movies, images and posed 3D figures. With Poser's unique interface, posing and animating is fast and easy.

Generate movies and 2D graphics from your posed models for content in web, print and video projects. Add life to your 3D worlds using exported, posed figures.

For computer artists and hobbyists alike, Poser 4 generates dynamic, figure-based content while providing a valuable introduction to 3D.
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Infini-D 4.5 makes 3D animation feel like second nature, featuring the perfect balance of professional animation features, high-end special effects, and broadcast quality output, all within a celebrated, intuitive working environment. Version 4.5 features a dramatically faster renderer, a robust batch rendering queue, powerful new particle effects, and support for MetaCreations' exciting new Internet technology called MetaStream, a revoulutionary new plug-in technology that streams and displays 3D objects.
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Ray Dream 3D makes creating in 3D easy, fast and fun. It includes basic tools for modeling and animation, plus an amazing collection of high-quality reusable content. This is an essential tool for anyone who wants to try their hand at 3D.
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Ray Dream Studio 5.5 is the essential 3D graphics application, providing a comprehensive set of professional tools for 3D design and animation. Its best-of-class feature set, compatibility, value, ease-of-use, and performance make it the clear choice for every graphic artist, web designer, and multimedia producer.
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