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DeBabelizer may be optimized for use in a variety of mediums.

Following are some of DeBabelizer's features specific to eight areas of the digital media workflow.



  • Color reduction and optimization of GIFs, JPEGs, and PNGs for the highest image quality and quickest download times
  • HTML parsing for quick access, processing, and updating of Web graphics
  • Creation and optimization of animated GIFs and QuickTime movies for Web delivery
  • Creation of optimal SuperPalettes for cross-platform graphics
  • Comprehensive palette merging and manipulation
  • Texture map optimization for 3D modeling
  • AVI to QuickTime conversion
Desktop Publishing/Pre-Press
  • Automatic acquisition, processing, and optimization of images from digital cameras and scanners
  • Automation of common production tasks: scale image size, color adjustments, change DPI resolution, create low-resolution in-position files
  • Batch file format translations with automatic customized naming
Digital Video
  • Automated QuickTime, AVI, and animated GIF optimization conversion
  • Automatic bluescreen removal
  • NTSC to PAL hot pixel fixing for safe video in US and European markets
  • Batch compositing and comparison
  • Palette optimization for 8-bit video
  • Automatic text overlay on multiple images or video
Digital Photography
  • Acquires, processes, and optimizes images automatically from any digital camera
  • FlashPix and MegaPixel format support
  • Color-corrects and converts images to any file format in one step
  • Batch processes images from Photo CDs
Business Presentations
  • Instantly optimizes graphics for all types of computers and overhead displays
  • Converts images from Web and multimedia formats for use in print and presentations

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