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Dare to Compare

In order to effectively compete within your industry, you must do a little homework and see how you measure up with your competition. Take 30 iminutes to do the following and see for yourself just where you stand...

  1. Print-out a current stat sheet for your own web site and examine your hit rate. (Anything less than 30,000 hits a day is shameful for most sites that operate nationally, 10,000 daily hits for an intra-state site).

  2. Visit the web sites of your top three competitors. How do they compare with yours? (Place yourself in the shoes of a prospect before you answer.)

  3. Ask your webmaster how many search engines your web site is currently registered with. (Less than 500 in unacceptable, 1000 is fair, 2500 is good, and over 3000 is great.)

  4. Go to Yahoo, Lycos or AltaVista and do a keyword search and see how far down the list your site appears. (If you are not in the top 30 listings your business is out of touch).

  5. When was your web site put on line, and when was it last reindexed with new search engines? (If your update is more than a year old, your web site is already obsolete). Check out our Marketing Touch Up Package.
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