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  1. We can get YOUR web site registered with over 3,500 search engines in 39 countries in the next 15 days. (How many search engines are you on right now?) Most American businesses are indexed on only 50 to 200 search engines which greatly limits their exposure and their income.

  2. We will customize your marketing package to fit your web marketing needs from 25 search engines to over 4000. If you do not at least double your hits in 90 days or less, your money is fully refunded on the Total 3900 in 39 Countries.

  3. Internet visitors now number more than 600 million per year with only 20% of the world's population having access to the net. But experts agree these numbers will double over the next 9 months and then every 6 months thereafter as computer prices continue to drop.

  4. More than 77% of our clients report a 300 percent increase in their web business in 90 days or less, and another 14% report at least a 100% increase. (See the testimonials.)
  5. By the year 2002, commerce experts forecast that between 50 to 80 percent of all business transactions will be done over the internet. Why? Because the internet eliminates middlemen and drastically reduces overhead and consumer prices and because it is CONVENIENT to shop from a PC.

  6. There are more than 150 to 300 new search engines created every year. If you are not on them you should be. Search engines are to your web site what a yellow page directory is to your business's phone number. The more listings you have, the more exposure and business you enjoy.

  7. Most web visitors searching the net only read the first 30 of several hundred listings.
If you do not at least double your hits in 90 days or less, your money is fully refunded.

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