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Is Your Web Site Obsolete?

If your web site was constructed more than a year ago the answer is probably "YES" and here's why...

Since the Internet became available to the public in 1995, the number of search engines have more than quadrupled over the last four years (see chart below). So if your site was built in 1995 and assuming your webmaster indexed you on every possible search engine available at that time, you would still be excluded from over 80% of the exposure avilable to you TODAY!

As time goes by, you are left off more and more search engines unless you are wise enough to reindex your site annually to be kept current and competitive. By taking this one step, you will take one giant leap ahead of your competition. You can either take a nap or lead in your industry with this little stratagem. And if you don't perhaps your competitor might eventually stumble upon one of our magazine ads, web site or literature and beat you to it.

Year No. of
Growth Percent
1995 788  
1996 1561 105%
1997 2864 92%
1998 3431 86%
1999 4327 74%
2000 ? ?

Nothing in the history of the world has grown faster than the Internet including television, radio, pagers, cell phones, telephones, fax machines - NOTHING!

The growth has been absolutely phenomenal and the end is still not in sight. Wall Street investors have invested over $35 billion dollars into this growth. Investing in your web site NOW may every well determine if your business is still breathing or bleeding to death a year from now. The timing is indeed critical.

Some people are reluctant to embrace change or to try something new, or to be the first, and yet others even fear change. But for those with vision, wisdom, and foresight to recognize the power and cost-efficiency of the Internet, the future belongs to you.

Just think back and ask yourself where you would be right now if you never bought a fax machine, a cell phone a pager, or even a VCR? You are witnessing a revolution in world commerce, and you can be at the cutting edge of this wonderful technology, or you can fade into the dark ages with the other 60% of all business ventures that failed to see the light and only now are getting a web site as they gasp for air.

If you're going to run in this race, make sure your laces are tied and we'll get you to the head of the pack - quick.

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Is Your Web Site Obsolete?
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