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this is a quiz. clear your desk, grab a no. 2 pencil and keep your eyes on you're own paper (you know the drill). to determine the future success or failure of your business, just answer these ten "true or false"' questions:
  1. none of your competitors have web sties.

  2. your web site comes up in the top 30 listings.

  3. your business can survive without the internet.

  4. your business can survive without the internet.

  5. the internet is not the future of world commerce.

  6. we don't need to be competitive on the internet.

  7. i'm satisfied with the current amount of our sales.

  8. our company can't possibly benefit from a web site.

  9. i already know everything about the internet.

  10. our web site has been updated/reindexed every year.

  11. our web site brings us business from 39 countries.

if you answered "true" to all of these questions? congratulations.

if however, you answered "false" to any of them, we invite you to take a quick crash course in internet survival by reading more about marketing on this site. after all, knowledge is the ultimate power, and the information you find here can ensure your propsperity in the years to come. and if you don't read this, let's just hope your competition doesn't as well.

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