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 microsoft .net technologies

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microsoft .net goes where no programming technologies previously went... allowing many programming languages and software programs to work together. microsoft has produced technology so revolutionary that it is hard to grasp. but we will try to explain...

1. microsoft has rewritten all of their programming software to work together and with other programming software by other companies. they have have rewritten ado, asp, the windows api, vb, c++, j++, and also developed a new language called c#. other non-microsoft languages such as cobol, eiffel, and many more, now can work with the microsoft programs because of two features of .net:

- .net framework - a common set of programming methods that all programming languages can use. these prewritten parts allow for faster programming.

- clr - common language runtime - a safe umbrella for programs written in the many different languages. if a language is clr compliant then it will work with any other language that is clr compliant. this means that one programmer can write part of a program in one language, and another write the other part of the program in another language and they will work together without problems.

2. the clr only runs safe programs that should not damage your computer.

3. microsoft and other vendors are rewriting their software to work with .net and xml (the common underlying data language). this means that many different programs that previously did not work together now will! for instance, you will now be able to move information in and out of microsoft office products (word, excel, outlook and access), or accounting programs such as great plains.

to summarize - where before there was competition between different products and it was difficult to make products work together; microsoft has now opened up a new world of communication among all vendor software programs based on common industry standards. in our opinion, the sky is the limit!

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