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 Will I Make Money?

Who is doing business on the WWW?

"About 52% of online businesses are services, 17% manufacturing, 8% wholesale, 7% retail, 6% banking, finance, insurance and real estate, 4% utilities and transportation, 4% unclassified, 1% construction, 1% other."

-Jill Ellsworth, PhD, Oak Ridge Research, speaker at Spring Internet World 1996

Will you make money on the WWW?

There are no guarantees. But these facts indicate other small businesses are happy with their investment:

"76% [of small businesses] said they are making or saving money [by being on the Internet]. [But] I think that's a little high."

"Almost 70% were satisfied with their return on investment."

-Jill Ellsworth, PhD, Oak Ridge Research, speaker at Spring Internet World 1996

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