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Adobe Acrobat(R) 4.0
Easily publish print documents online.
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Adobe After Effects(R)
The professional tool for broadcast design.
    Adobe After Effects 3.1 Top Ten Features:
    1. Seamless integration with Adobe Photoshop(R)
    2. Seamless integration with Adobe Illustrator(R)
    3. Uncompromising motion control
    4. Resolution independence
    5. Superior keying control for precise results
    6. Motion Tracking
    7. Motion Sketch
    8. Bézier Masking
    9. Open, extensible architecture
    10. Render Queue
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Adobe Classroom in a Book
An easy way to master Adobe software.
The series has sold over 1 million copies in over a dozen different languages.

The Classroom in a Book series can be used as either a self-paced tutorial or as course material for an instructor-led training program. It comes with a specially CD-ROM with files used through the lessons and special projects in the book. Illustrations guide you, showing you what you'll achieve on-screen as you use your Adobe software. The scope of each book has been expanded to include both intermediate and advanced techniques. All the lessons contain both Windows and Macintosh instructions, for seamless dual-platform learning. The Classroom in a Book teaches according to the way you learn and retain knowledge, at a pace you control.
    Titles include;
    • Adobe After Effects 3.1 Classroom in a Book: After Effects 3.1
      ISBN: 1-56830-369-6 334 pages, paperback with lay-flat binding, cross-platform CD included Includes projects developed by some of the world's leading digital designers

    • Adobe Illustrator 7.0 Classroom in a Book: Adobe Illustrator 7.0
      ISBN: 1-56830-371-8 320 pages, paperback, CD included Includes a free Web-based course from DigitalThink

    • Adobe PageMaker 6.5 Classroom in a Book: PageMaker 6.5
      ISBN: 1-56830-370-X 320 pages, paperback with color signatures, CD included

    • Adobe Photoshop 5 New! Classroom in a Book: Adobe Photoshop 5.0
      ISBN: 1-56830-466-8 466 pages, paperback, color insert, CD included Windows and Macintosh

    • Adobe Premiere 5 Classroom in a Book: Adobe Premiere 5.0
      ISBN: 1-56830-467-6 396 pages, paperback, CD included Windows and Macintosh

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Adobe Dimensions(R) 3.0
The Easy Yet Powerful 3D Rendering Tool Add dazzle and depth to flat artwork and text with Adobe(R) Dimensions(R) 3.0 software, the perfect, easy-yet-powerful way to add 3D graphics to your artwork.

Adobe Dimensions is the first 3D program to offer both raster and crisp, resolution-independent PostScript(R) output. Adobe Dimensions is easy to learn because it uses the same tools, shortcuts, and terms as your other favorite Adobe programs.

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Adobe Illustrator(R) 8.0
Offering an unparalleled combination of creative freedom and productivity, Adobe(R) Illustrator(R) is a vector-based drawing software that offers superior integration with Adobe Photoshop(R), ImageReady(TM), and PageMaker(R), as well as drag-and-drop convenience with Microsoft(R) Office and other graphics applications. Create eye-catching artwork for print, presentations, and the Web.

Key Features;
    Superior Integration
    • Integration with Adobe Products and Other Applications
    • All Major File Formats

      Intuitive Environment
      • Pencil Tool
      • Bounding Box Handles
      • Familiar Adobe User Interface
      • Support Materials

        Increased Productivity
        • Smart Guides
        • Eyedropper Tool
        • Actions Palette
        • Links Palette

          Superior Creative Tools
          • Gradient Mesh Tool
          • Live Brushes
          • Text Control
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Adobe PageMaker(R) 6.5 Plus
Adobe PageMaker
Professional page layout software.
  • Jump start publications with templates, tips and more
  • Repurpose documents for the Web in just minutes
  • Tackle tight deadlines with time-saving features
  • Create multiple versions of a document in a single file
  • Streamline publishing workflow with Adobe software integration
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  • Adobe PhotoDeluxe(R) Business Edition
    Adobe PhotoDeluxe Business Edition
    The fast and easy way to customize photos and create professional documents.

    Adobe(R) PhotoDeluxe(R) Business Edition provides a fast and easy way to customize photos and add them to sales and marketing materials. It not only makes the alteration and repair of photos quick and easy, but also gives you hundreds of professionally-designed templates for instantly creating powerful sales tools. Guided Activities lead you step-by-step from start to finish and an intuitive interface lets you take advantage of powerful editing tools in Advanced mode. Key Features

  • Easily import photos from scanners and other devices.
  • Quickly touch-up and repair photos.
  • Apply professional-quality special effects.
  • Add photos to templates to create Web banners, stationery, flyers, and more.
  • Work with Guided Activities for businesses such as real estate, travel, and consulting.
  • Print to Avery paper for labels, business cards, and more.
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  • Adobe Photoshop(R) 5.5
    Adobe Photoshop
    The industry standard for professional bitmap drawing software. Create, paint, correct, and retouch photographics or graphics with professional results.
  • Create compelling graphics for any medium
  • Ensure high-quality color reproduction
  • Experiment freely without wasting time or resources

    Adobe(R) Photoshop(R) software is the de facto standard for digital image enhancement, photo retouching, and image compositing, commanding the loyalty of more than 3 million designers worldwide. Version 5.5 delivers the four most requested features in one elegant upgrade: multiple levels of undo and redo, editable text with character-level formatting, flexible and precise color management controls, and built-in support for spot-color channels.

    Features include:
  • "Multiple undos" for tracking image editing
  • Editable text for creating high-quality typography
  • Enhanced color management, including ICC support
  • Spot-color channels for incorporating specialty colors into print jobs
  • Broad range of new workflow and automation tools for greater productivity
  • New tools for increased precision and control over measurement and selection
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  • Adobe Premiere(R) 5.0
    Adobe Premiere

    A powerful tool for professional digital video editing. Designed for video professionals, Adobe Premiere 5.0 software offers an elegant interface and superb editing tools for producing broadcast-quality movies for video, multimedia, or the Web. Here's a sampling of what you can do in Adobe Premiere 5.0:

  • Edit videos using a Source/Program metaphor
  • Collapse a Timeline track for single-track editing
  • Add professional text rolls and crawls easily
  • Prepare sound using studio-quality tools
  • Create long movies with the utmost control
  • View source clips and edited footage simultaneously in the efficient Monitor window.
  • Target, hide, display, and collapse tracks easily in the revised Timeline.
  • Perform 3-point edits using the Source/Program controls in the Monitor window.
  • Produce studio-quality soundtracks using 21 professional audio filters.
  • Add text rolls and text crawls with precise control.
  • Create videos up to three hours long with complete audio-video synchronization.
  • Apply multiple keyframes to video and audio filters.
  • Integrate smoothly with Adobe After Effects(R), Adobe Photoshop(R), and Adobe Illustrator (R).
  • Export optimized Edit Decision Lists (EDLs).

    Now available: Adobe(R) Premiere(R) 5.0 for Windows(R) 95, Windows NT(R) 4.0, and Power Macintosh!

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  • Adobe Streamline
    Convert scanned images to line art.

    Maximum Control for Converting Images Faster than tracing by hand, use Adobe(R) Streamline(TM) software to convert scanned black-and-white or color raster images into line art. Available soon in identical Windows(R) and Macintosh versions.

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