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ColdFusion® Development System
Rapid Development, Scalable Deployment ColdFusion® 4.0 is the complete rapid application development system for the Web. Whether you're building a new human resources system or an online store, ColdFusion® Studio gives you the visual tools to get the work done fast. When you're ready to deploy, ColdFusion® Application Server provides the scalable platform to deliver your applications on the most demanding sites.
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ColdFusion® Application Server
Scalable Web Application Deployment ColdFusion® Application Server 4.0 is a powerful development platform for delivering dynamic Web applications on the most demanding sites. Fully integrated with ColdFusion® Studio's visual tools, Application Server provides high-performance and sophisticated functionality for deploying scalable applications with any major Web server on Windows or Solaris.

ColdFusion® Studio
Rapid Web Application Development Studio is the new integrated development environment for ColdFusion® . It provides visual programming and database tools as well as powerful features for team development. Studio fully integrates with ColdFusion® Application Server 4.0 to offer a complete system for rapid Web application development.

Add-on Products
Allaire sells add-on products for ColdFusion® that enhance its capabilities. Add interactive discussion groups with Allaire Forums. Build ColdFusion® applications using the award-winning Macromedia Dreamweaver Web authoring tool and the ColdFusion® Objects for Dreamweaver. Use NetObjects Fusion to build ColdFusion® applications with the Fusion2Fusion connectivity kit. Search documents in nine languages in addition to English with Verity International Search Pack.


Allaire Spectra™ for building and managing large-scale content management and e-commerce for the internet.

For the first time, companies can truly embrace the Web as a strategic center for business. Not just at the IT level but across the entire organization. Based on best practices in building and running large-scale Web businesses, Allaire Spectra provides a packaged system that addresses the unique set of requirements of every participant involved in building and maintaining large-scale Web sites.

Whether it’s creating and editing site content or product information, designing the site navigation, linking external systems and databases, or analyzing the effectiveness of the site, Allaire Spectra incorporates the necessary tools and functionality based on a proven methodology for success.

Allaire's HTML Editor.

HomeSite is the award-winning HTML editing tool that lets you build great Web sites in less time, while maintaining Pure HTML. Unlike WYSIWYG authoring tools, HomeSite gives you precise layout control and total design flexibility, and fully supports the latest Web technologies, such as DHTML, SMIL, Cascading Style Sheets, and JavaScript. HomeSite 4.0 is the only HTML editor featuring a visual development environment that preserves code integrity.

The intuitive HomeSite WYSIWYN (what you see is what you need) interface puts the tools you need right at your fingertips. HomeSite's site management and quality control features -- Site View, HTML validation, spell checking, CodeSweeper, link verification, and more -- make it easy to control the quality of your entire site. As professional Web developers advise, "don't build your Web site without it!"

Allaire ColdFusion® Objects for Dreamweaver

ColdFusion® Objects for Dreamweaver
Macromedia and Allaire announced a new integration between Dreamweaver and Allaire ColdFusion® through a new set of ColdFusion® objects for Dreamweaver. The ColdFusion® Objects for Dreamweaver are a set of free components that extend the award winning HTML authoring environment, Macromedia Dreamweaver, to support ColdFusion® application development. With the objects, developers can use the visual tools in Dreamweaver to create interactive sites and Web applications deployed with ColdFusion® Application Server. Build ColdFusion® applications using the award-winning Macromedia Dreamweaver Web authoring tool and the ColdFusion® objects for Dreamweaver.

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Cold Fusion is a U.S. registered trademark, and Allaire, the Allaire logo, HomeSite and ColdFusion are trademarks of Allaire Corporation. All trademarks are property of their respective holders(s.) An Allaire Alliance partner is neither affiliated with nor a subsidiary of Allaire Corporation.
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